ef – A Tale of Memories

One of the more prevalent techniques on the show, making the background part of the person. Does that mean the background became the person? Was the person empty on the inside? This anime didn't cease to boggle my brain the entire time I was watching it

This anime would fall under the Shoujo category if we were talking manga I believe.

I don’t know what to say about it really, it feels weird while you’re watching it and then you just can’t stop once you start. Right now I have no idea who the artists are but whoever did the conceptualization and art for this anime should be given the biggest anime award around.  It’s brilliant how they take the scenery and make it a part of the characters and then rip the characters apart and splatter them in terms of their feelings all over the screen. If for nothing else then just for the way it’s been drawn out, this Anime is one of my favourites.

Chihiru Chan

It’s like the most complicated ideas are presented with such simplicity and vice versa that you just lose yourself. I’m not sure what I was more excited about, the way a character was developing or how his/her feelings were being thrown about so casually and yet so delicately in each frame. It’s just over 11 episodes long but I wish it could be longer.

I had this insane urge to actually get down to drawing something while I was watching the first season (there are only two seasons). This anime also made me realise that the only kind of love I believe in is morbid love which is fractured in places and bleeds often. Does that make me a masochist or just plain messed up in the head? Bit of both perhaps.

There are two plots running parallel to each other and I’m not sure which one I like more. I think it was slightly confusing in the start and it would be a terrible idea to watch this thing while you’re preoccupied with something else as it literally takes something out of you. I think the one thing I remember thinking extremely clearly is that there are several parts of this anime that looked like wallpapers, unlike actual anime scenes most wallpapers are elegant, beautiful and they almost sparkle. That seemed to be the case with most bits of this anime.

12 years - 13 hours <--- extent of Chihiru's memories

I think I could relate to the concept of dreams and how the only way you can follow them is if you know what they are and the only way you can know what they are is if you wish for them first. hmm… wouldn’t wishing for a dream be a dream? A dream to have a dream? I think my favourite character in the whole plot was Renji. Ignoring the fact that I have a thing for the name, I think this was one of the most fragile yet agile character on the show. I think most of the female characters were extremely annoying though. I can’t really wait to give the second season a hit, the first one was amazing.


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