ef – A Tale of Melodies

Mizuki & Yuuko: the leading ladies of 'ef - A tale of melodies'

Second season down. I don’t know what it was with this one, I liked it and hated it at the same time. At the forefront this season became a show about people with intense psychological issues. One’s dealing with death, the other never let go of his dead sister and then his dead lover, while there’s even characters that will make you want to scratch your eyes out. I don’t know what was up with the plot but this season was far more dark and morbid than the last one. Of course it’s a happy ending, after that heavy dose of depression that’s the least the writers could have done for their viewers.

Anyone who saw the first season would have immediately fallen in love with the way the anime has been drawn, along with the way the different scenes merge with each other. This season is no different in terms of technique and you see much of the same work here. Although it seemed just a tad bit forced to me. The last season really hooked me onto the feel of the scene and I could really reach into the character because of the way the anime was drawn but this time around I don’t think it helped much.

Another problem was the fact that I kept hoping to see some of the older characters (who did keep appearing) in more significant scenes but to no avail. Eventually I gave up on the idea, the problem was I gave up around episode 8 and the season was 12 episodes long! A pleasant surprise was the altered opening from season one which was thrown into episode 11.  I loved it! It seemed like a nice conclusion to all the other stories that I always saw in the previous season.

Also the last season has characters which could be annoying but nevertheless you could always throw a sock at the screen and hope they would grow up (which they did). This time around there are characters who aren’t just annoying, they are downright weird and sick in conception. This season gives you characters like Amamiya Akira who you would really relish hating.
Coming back to this season: I don’t understand the clashing theme that one of the protagonists keeps dishing out – on one hand he’s  all about reality and practicality and on the other hand he has this Utopian dream of creating the perfect city where everyone is happy, has equality and never gets left out. The guy who says there are no miracles and no god sure as hell knows how to dream.

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