Why I’ll probably watch: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

It’s no secret that I hate the Twilight series like a cat hates regular baths and blow dry sessions. And I’ve gone and bashed this franchise over and over again, earning death threats from whiny little girls who like their men all sparkly and stalky. Why would I watch the last movie? Well because the trailer doesn’t seem all that bad. It’s possible that after pushing four ridiculous movies down our throats the last one packs the punch that vampire lovers and werewolf fanatics deserve. Edward isn’t going crazy trying to save Bella from the toasters in her house, she’s a real vampire with real fangs and a real daughter to protect. Jacob doesn’t seem to care much about Bella any more either so he can change into a wolf and date her daughter when she’s all grown up in peace.

Twilight is one of those stories that make you want to barf all the way to Sunday so you can give your brain a rest. But from a movie goers point of view all I see is superpowers, crazy fights and this epic end to something which in essence sucks. I’m not entirely sure that I’ll hate this movie any less than its predecessors (of which I’ve bothered watching only two), but I know for sure that I’m willing to give it a shot.


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